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Jinzhou City

http://gjxy.lnut.edu.cn/images/10/04/27/dx5d9e7fc1/1283cfc8968.jpgIn liaoning province is located in the southwest JinZhou city,  "western corridor" eastern north and northeast, two major areas of  transport hub, Montenegro, BeiZhen, governs LingHai, county and mellow  riverfront, pagodas, tai area, the economic and technological development  zone, pudong songshan nine county (city), a total area of 10301 square  kilometers, the coastline, 310 million population of 105 kilometers.

Jinzhou regional central cities in western liaoning provinceLiaoning province and city can be divided into three groups  according to region in dalian, a center of the liaodong peninsula urban  agglomeration is centered in shenyang, a central urban agglomeration, another  is in jinzhou as the center of western cities. Jingha railway, railway,  QinShen pile railway passenger special line and jing-shen, jin aril, jin  highway horizontal in China at the intersection. Through jinzhou airport  transfer within a united in to all over the country. Convenient traffic  condition of location and chaoyang, fuxin, jinzhou, huludao city  around.through merchant "urban", as one hour of liaoning province  regional logistics center is one of the three cities.             http://gjxy.lnut.edu.cn/images/10/04/27/dx5d9e7fc1/1283cfda841.jpg

China is an important link bohai sea area jinzhou port city. Jinzhou port is the highest latitudes of Chinese coastal open  365 days required, normal operation, the hinterland of China in the western  of northeast China, covering eastern Inner Mongolia and Russia and Mongolia  far east China shipping route, occupy ports, with more than 80 countries and  regions to establish navigable relationship. Port has completed including 25  tons of oil berths and bulk cargo berth and 5 DWT container special garages,  19 berths, have foreign oil and commodities container transportation, loading  and unloading, and storage of bulk cargo transportation, multiple functions.  2009, port throughput reach 52 million tons, container transportation 68  million ten.

http://gjxy.lnut.edu.cn/images/10/04/27/dx5d9e7fc1/1283cfe6ac7.jpgJinzhou northeast China is an important industrial base in the  old city. In the 1960s,  jinzhou by state council named “daqing style” new industrial city, has  created the first a semiconductor transistors, first piece of glass, quartz  first polyamide, the first electronic founding a stove fired first products.  Currently has formed in petrochemical industry, new materials, agricultural  product processing, including electron, medicine, textile, etc. Photovoltaic,  automobile and automobile parts, chemical and other emerging industry  cluster, titanium dioxide, monocrystalline expands rapidly, automobile  airbag, quartz products, auto cranes and so on a series of high-tech products  in the leading position.

Jinzhou is China's excellent tourism city. Domestic "tide" hidden, and fall under the  well-known bijia mountain overpass, one of the most Chinese emperor boarding  YiWuLvShan, digging in more than 1,500 years ago, and the temple grottoes  QingYan liao-shen battle memorial temple, countries, north putuo temple, a  group of well-known natural and humanistic landscape.             http://gjxy.lnut.edu.cn/images/10/04/27/dx5d9e7fc1/1283d008ea9.jpg

Jinzhou  is China's investment environment parknshop city. Our  enterprise implements in jinzhou affairs agency, the green channel and the  enterprise registration ShenPiZhi parallel system, deeds especially for  foreign-invested enterprises, we have established the quarterly meeting  system, help enterprise to solve practical difficulties, to safeguard the  lawful rights and interests of investors and companies.
 Jinzhou or liaoning education, science and technology, the important cultural  center, liaoning university, bohai university, liaoning university medical  school 8 and 24 vocational school, family and scientific research institutes  and 15 million scientific and technological personnel, education and  scientific research strength of liaoning province in the third.


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